Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What a week!

Holy Mackrell!!!

This is pretty weird, I am not going to lie... I always knew that the day would come that I would hear that Dani was "officially" engaged, but I guess I didn't realize how it would really feel. I am really happy for you guys! And from the looks of things, you guys are happy too, it's just way weird that I am not going to be around for any of it!!! No worries though, somehow I am sure you will make do without me haha but you have to do the cardboard cut-out!! It has to happen!!

Anyways haha looks like you guys had a REALLY good Thanksgiving, that's good to see, not gonna lie though, I have yet to have food as good as the stuff that we have at home. That being said, I wasn't too bad off for Thanksgiving over here, we ate with a family (my favorite family in the ward!) and they fed us pretty dang well. I had so much food that I didn't think that I would want to eat ever again, of course that feeling went away relatively shortly haha but after that, we went over to another family in the ward's home, and they gave us pie!! Wow I was full!!!!

Other than that, this week was pretty good, I was actually able to go to the Temple today!! And we have 2 times planned for this week to go up to the Festival of Lights which starts on Friday (we are going Friday and Saturday), so I am pretty excited about that.

About the $149 that I spent at Best Buy.... ummmm I might have broken down and bought a new camera... yeah, my camera was just not cutting it, but look on the bright side, hopefully that means I will have more pictures right? Hopefully... But that is the reason why I am emailing you so late today is because going to the temple is an all day event in this area because it is about 5 hours round trip. I did take pictures though! I just forgot the cord to hook up my camera to the computer.... sorry!! I promise I will send pictures next week though, oh and you guys might be getting a little early Christmas present from me soon!! Well that is about all I have for you this week, sorry for being so short, but that is sweet that Dani and Brad are finally engaged!!! It feels like you guys have been talking about it for like 2 months now!! Congrats!!! Talk (literally!!!!) to you guys soon!!!

- Elder Schaap

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