Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good Things Happening in DC!

Hey everyone!!!

So good to hear from you all, as always! Sounds like everyone had a pretty exciting week with basketball games and snow storms and what not haha

My week was pretty exciting as well!! As I told you last week, our cute new recent convert spoke at the "Why I Believe" Fireside this past Sunday up at the Visitor's Center, it was awesome! She did such a great job! She said she was nervous, but she didn't seem like it at all when she got up there to speak! She is doing so well, and her testimony is continuing to grow!

Something really cool happened to me and Elder Krugman yesterday as well, we were just walking down the street on our way to go tract, and as we are about to cross an intersection, some random car stops next to us, rolls down their window, and asks us, "Hey, do you guys want to talk to us?" haha that probably sounds super funny to you guys, but you get used to it when you are in the city for a while. Anyways, we told them that of course we would like to talk to them and teach them, so they told us where they lived, and we walked to their apartment. Well it turns out that we spent about an hour and a half there teaching them the message of the restoration, and it went really well! They are a solid couple that are looking for a church to attend, so we invited them to come with us on Sunday, and they accepted! We will be going back over there Saturday to talk to them a little more about it. The reason that this was so cool to us is that we have been struggling lately to find people to teach, and I have never had an experience like that where someone approaches us, so we are really excited for them!

Well, this coming Wednesday is transfers, and that means that Elder Krugman will most likely be leaving because this is his 4th transfer here, so I will have a new companion next time I email you guys. Crazy how fast time goes....

Thanks for all the updates you guys! And Dad thanks for the letter!! I am glad to hear that Aunt Vee is doing well, send her my best!! Love you guys!!!

- Elder Schaap

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey everyone!

I just want to start this by saying thanks for the package you sent me!!! It is always way nice to get anything from you guys!

Well this has been kind of a crazy week for me! Partly because time is just going by so fast! We had a Zone Conference Yesterday, it was really good, it focused mostly on what we should be doing to find people to teach, and also getting them to church, so two very important topics! We didn't have any general authorities though, the only time that happened was like 5 months ago haha, but it was still good!

I am glad you got the pictures that Sister Postma sent, she and her husband are pretty much the best! We were at the Visitor's Center on Valentine's Day, and Elder Krugman and I figured since we couldn't go on a real date, that we would do the next best thing and take our cute little recent convert ladies (the two that have been baptized since I have been here), with the Postma's and go watch a movie at the Visitor's Center, that's almost a date right? haha it was a good time though, and both of these ladies are doing so well! We watched a movie called "Journey of Faith" which talks about a lot of the Historical evidence of the Book of Mormon, and also kind of does a summary as well.

I don't remember if I told you guys about this yet or not, but something really cool is going to happen this week, one of our recent convert ladies will actually be speaking at the "Why I Believe" Fireside at the Visitor's Center this Sunday! This is really cool, and it also gives her a chance to share her awesome conversion story, so Elder Krugman and I are very excited for that! She is a little nervous, because we told her that the theater holds about 500 people, but her brother told her that this was one of his favorite things to go to, so she feels like she has to do it. It is going to be SWEET!

That's about all I have for you guys this week though, hope all is well back in the SLC!! Thanks for all you do! I love you guys a ton!!

- Elder Schaap

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Valentine's Day Pic!

Sister Postma took this picture on her iPhone and sent it to me with a cute note from Robbie. What a great surprise!!! Moms love this!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Baptism and a Fond Farewell

Elders Schaap and Krugman with our cute recent convert before baptism. She was a little nervous about the water, so we both helped her into the font.

Elders, and our cute convert and Postmas at her baptism.

Elders at sunrise this morning.

Lincoln Memorial today

Posing at the Lincoln Memorial???


So I just want to start off this email by saying sorry!! Last P-day was kind of crazy, so I guess I will start there.... So at about 9:45 we got a frantic call from our cute investigator saying that she thought her brother was in the last minutes of his life because he was having a very unusually heavy breathing pattern, as soon as Elder Krugman and I heard this we got into our suits as fast as we could and were out the door. When we got there, everything had calmed down, and he appeared to be doing just fine, shorty after we got there the Postma's along with a few other members of the ward got there, but we were there for a good couple of hours just talking to her and making sure that we were doing all we could to help. So that is the reason I couldn't really send you guys a long email last week is because we still had a bunch of things we had to do, and I apologize.

I guess the next thing I need to tell you about is Friday, Elder Krugman and I were over with she and her brother, we got there around 1:45 maybe, her baptismal interview was scheduled for 3:00, so we wanted to review with her what would happen during the interview. As we were sitting there talking with her, I noticed that her brother's breathing was getting very heavy and he looked a little uncomfortable, I didn't think much of it, but I kept my eye on him as we kept going over the interview questions. I continued to notice that his breaths were getting heavier and less frequent, this is when Elder Krugman and I both said something to her because we knew it was close, and just about that time around 2:20, unfortunately, he passed very peacefully. Elder Krugman and I didn't know what to do to try and comfort her, we didn't know what to say, and pretty much the only words spoken for the next 15 minutes or so was a prayer said by her that helped her to be calm. We called just about everyone we knew to come over and no longer than 20 minutes after we called, there was about 6 people from the ward there to help comfort her. She was able to handle it really well, about as well as anyone could in a situation like that, and before we left she informed us that she was still planning on being baptized this Sunday and she said these words to me, "I had been praying for a miracle that my brother would be able to come to my baptism, and now I know that he will be there."

So I guess after that sad news, I have some really really good news! She was in fact baptized this last Sunday, and she asked me if I would perform the ordinance!! Of course I said yes!!! Everything went so well!!!! She was pretty much already a part of the ward, so there was a bunch of people, Pres. Matsumori was even there, and spoke at it, which was sweet!!! We are so excited for her though, her testimony is so strong!! She is also going to speak at the next "Why I Believe" Fireside at the Visitor's Center, not this coming Sunday, but the next one!!!!! So we are really excited for her!!! She is so great!!

Well, I hope that email made up for the one that I didn't send haha but I think you guys can understand why it happened that way. I love you guys so much though!!! And I hope that your week was a good one, it sounds like it was!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

- Elder Schaap

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pics from Sister Postma - Thank You!!

On Monday night, 2/7/11, I opened my email at about 9:30 pm and found these amazing pictures from Sister Postma. She and her husband are senior missionaries in the DC North Mission (at the far right in the picture above). What a great surprise! Thanks Sister Postma!

At a baptism in Jan 2011.

Elders "hamming it up" with Sister Postma.
Elders and Postmas.

Elders and Sr. Missionaries with a member and his sister

Elders at Five Guys.

Elders with Elder & Sister Postma

Elders at Big Slice Pizza

Elders at the car show.

Elder and Sister Postma at the car show.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crazy Day...

Hey Guys!!

So I am pretty sure you are going to hate me.... but we had a crazy day today and I really don't have time to email tonight, I just wanted to let you guys know that I am safe, there hasn't really been crazy weather like there was last week. I am also not sure if I will even be able to write a full email to you guys tomorrow or not yet, we will just have to see, SORRY! If I am not able to, I will definitely fill you in next week with a long one! But I love you guys, and thank you for all you do!! LOVE YOU!! And sorry again! Hopefully I will be able to write tomorrow, we will just have to see!
- Elder Schaap

P.S. Happy Birthday on Sunday Dad!!!!!!! And get your shoulder feeling better would ya? sheesh!