Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey everyone!

I just want to start this by saying thanks for the package you sent me!!! It is always way nice to get anything from you guys!

Well this has been kind of a crazy week for me! Partly because time is just going by so fast! We had a Zone Conference Yesterday, it was really good, it focused mostly on what we should be doing to find people to teach, and also getting them to church, so two very important topics! We didn't have any general authorities though, the only time that happened was like 5 months ago haha, but it was still good!

I am glad you got the pictures that Sister Postma sent, she and her husband are pretty much the best! We were at the Visitor's Center on Valentine's Day, and Elder Krugman and I figured since we couldn't go on a real date, that we would do the next best thing and take our cute little recent convert ladies (the two that have been baptized since I have been here), with the Postma's and go watch a movie at the Visitor's Center, that's almost a date right? haha it was a good time though, and both of these ladies are doing so well! We watched a movie called "Journey of Faith" which talks about a lot of the Historical evidence of the Book of Mormon, and also kind of does a summary as well.

I don't remember if I told you guys about this yet or not, but something really cool is going to happen this week, one of our recent convert ladies will actually be speaking at the "Why I Believe" Fireside at the Visitor's Center this Sunday! This is really cool, and it also gives her a chance to share her awesome conversion story, so Elder Krugman and I are very excited for that! She is a little nervous, because we told her that the theater holds about 500 people, but her brother told her that this was one of his favorite things to go to, so she feels like she has to do it. It is going to be SWEET!

That's about all I have for you guys this week though, hope all is well back in the SLC!! Thanks for all you do! I love you guys a ton!!

- Elder Schaap

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