Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Family!!!

So I am not going to be terribly long today, but thanks for all the updates!! That is crazy to hear about all the weather you guys are receiving there! Haha it got up to 72 here yesterday! I am sure though that you guys won't be doing much outside atleast today and tomorrow because you will be in the kitchen! As for me and Elder Johnson, we are going to be visiting a few people for dinner, and we will get fed, don't you worry, it may not be Uncle Rick's stuffing, but there will be food in our stomachs! It is pretty weird to be away from home for my first Thanksgiving to be honest, but no worries, just one more after this one!

That is way sweet that you guys are going to Logan for the game!! You will definitely have to let me know how it goes! Bummer that they lost to BYU though. And all this apple pie throwdown talk sounds delicious!!

Not a whole lot happened here this last week, unfortunately one of our investigators dropped us though, apparently she was on the internet looking for information about our church and came across this site that I didn't even know existed. The site talks very highly of the members of our church, but it bashes our beliefs, and she decided that she felt the same way, that the people were nice, but that she didn't believe the same things that we do. That was a huge bummer... but I guess that's how it goes, she was so golden at first, and then just like that, she is no longer interested.

Our other investigator is doing ok as far as I know, we were supposed to help him set up some of his Christmas decorations yesterday, we went there, and no one was home.... and we haven't been able to contact him since, we know that he wasn't feeling very good on Sunday, but that is as far as we know. Not really the best news, I know, but things will get better!

Well that is about all I have for you guys this week, I love you guys so much, and I miss you!! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and try to not go into too many turkey/stuffing/sweet potato/apple pie coma's haha Love you guys!!!

- Elder Schaap

P.S. Mom, the kind of CD player that I want is just a discman, we should have a few old ones I think, but yeah I don't want the huge bulky one, Thanks!!

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