Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Phone Call from Elder Schaap!

We got a fun phone call yesterday afternoon from Robbie. We were able to talk to him for about an hour before he had to go to his assignment to help with parking at the temple visitors' center for people who were coming to see the Festival of Lights. He sounded really great - just like we all remember! He said it was a little weird responding to his first name, because he hadn't done that in 5 months! He loves the new ward he's in, the area he's in, the people he's working with, and his new companion, Elder Krugman. He's having to rely on his own cooking a little more in this area than in his last area, but so far, he's surviving! He said it's very cold because of both the wind and the humidity, which make the wind chill factor colder than what the temperature gauge we see on the internet tells you. He's enjoying being on his bike, and as you can tell from the photos he sent home, he loves his new hat! It keeps him very warm! He loves that his new area is so close to the temple (about 5 miles away). We just had a really great time talking to him, catching him up on things at home, and it was so great to hear his voice!


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