Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!!

Wow, this last week has just flown by, in fact, this transfer is going by way too quick, but that is a good thing right? Anyways, so good to hear from you guys! Things are going pretty good here, busy as usual, Elder Krugman and I were able to go to the Visitor's Center 3 times this week!! And we saw Jenny Oaks Baker (violin player) and Sandra Turley (broadway singer) perform, which were both really good performances, and both times the theater was filled to capacity.

We had an interesting day on Sunday haha, so to start off, the missionaries covering the South/East area have been teaching this lady who kept claiming that she had been baptized into our church before, but her records couldn't be found, so she just decided that she was ok with that, and she would just get baptized again. So Elder Krugman and I go to her house on Friday for the baptismal interview and he finds out that there is an issue that has to be taken to Pres. M in order for her to be cleared to be baptized, so we call President, and he says that he will just be there at our church on Sunday and talk to her before the meetings start. Well church here starts at 1:00, and 1:10 rolls around, finally she shows up after President had been there for almost a half hour. So they talk, and she is cleared to be baptized, so Elder Krugman and I start filling up the font so that it will be ready, we called the missionary that was in the area previously so that he could come and perform the ordinance. Needless to say it was a very stressful day at church because me and my companion were in charge of most of the logistics of the whole thing.

And then.... about 30 minutes before the baptism is supposed to happen, this guy in the ward comes up to us and hands us a paper that says they found her records, and that she no longer needs to be baptized hahaha man it was frustrating. After all that work to make sure that the baptism happened on time and that everything was going to go perfectly, we find out that none of it was needed. I liked the way a member of the ward put it, they said it was just a "really intense reactivation" haha that pretty much sums it up perfectly.

Well I hate to throw a wrench in your guys' plans, but we have been lucky enough to receive the opportunity to do parking for the Visitor's Center on Christmas day!! So I really can't give you a better time frame of when I will be calling than 2:00-6:00 my time, 12:00 - 4:00 your time, and even that is not set in stone.... Sorry, but we really haven't been very informed of what we need to do for parking that day, but not to worry, I will get to call sometime! Even if I have to fight for it! haha hopefully I won't though.

I love you guys so much though!! And I can't wait to talk to you on Saturday!!! I will answer your questions that you asked then!!! LOVE YOU TONS!!!

- Elder Schaap
Pic #1 - SNOW!
Pic #2 - Me (and my sweet hat!!!) and Elder Krugman all geared up to go out in the cold!
Pic #3 - At the Visitor's Center with our investigators (funniest little old lady ever!!!)
Pics #4-6 -We went to the National Air and Space Museum today, along with the Capitol Building, and we walked across that frozen pond haha it was sweet!!!

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