Friday, December 31, 2010

...And a Happy New Year!

It was so nice to talk to you guys the other day!!! Man, I swear it felt like that call only lasted like 5 minutes though, it was way too short! I loved it though!

Well, things here have been pretty slow recently with the Holiday season and all. No worries though, this week should be better. But not a whole lot has changed since my phone call home. We did have the chance to meet with several investigators again, they are doing really well, unfortunately though they aren't progressing as fast as we had hoped, but we are trying to find different ways to help them out as best we can. Elder Krugman and I haven't really had a whole lot of teaching opportunities this week, so the only other thing we can really do is tract, and instead of saying "ahhh tracting again?" we just go out and do it, and are making jokes to each other and having a good time while doing it, which makes the day go by a whole lot quicker!

Our parking assignment on Christmas Day went pretty well, surprisingly there was quite a few people there, which I didn't think there would be, but it wasn't too bad, and honestly I probably wouldn't have been doing much otherwise, so it wasn't a big deal. Yes I did get the present from the Primary, I was meaning to talk to you about that on the phone call, but please tell them Thanks for me!! I loved it! Well that's about all I have for you today, but I hope everything is going well for you guys, and I love you tons!!!! Talk to you next week!

- Elder Schaap

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