Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baptisms set for May 14th


Well we have had another really good week here in Bowie! We have been very blessed to be able to have quite a few people to teach, and most of them are progressing very well! The couple we've been teaching is doing well, unfortunately though, they didn't make it to church this last week which means that they cannot be baptized on May 7th, but its ok, because they are now scheduled to be baptized on May 14th!! So things are going really well with them. We also have the young lady we've been teaching, who is the lady who was just recently married to a member of our ward, she is actually from the Phillipines, so it is sometimes hard for us to communicate, luckily though we have a member of our ward who served his mission in the Phillipines, and is able to help her! She is also scheduled to be baptized on May 14th, and her husband, who has just recently been reactivated, is going to baptize her! So it is really exciting!

I don't remember how much I told you about our other investigator who is a recent convert that lived in Florida, but things are still about the same with him, although he is becoming more optimistic about the whole situation, and things are looking up for him!

Well thanks for all the updates!! Sorry to hear about Frannie's mom, give her my best! Glad to hear you guys are doing well though, Dani I got your letter, Elder Vakalahi and I are thinking of some good ideas and we will get that back to you soon! Love you guys!!!!

- Elder Schaap

From the bottom up:
Pic #1 - Chillin in our Easter ties!
Pics 2,3,&4- you will never guess who lives in our area.... yep, Travis Pastrana, this is his back yard..... ridiculous!!!

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