Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hello Family!!!

How is everyone doing?? Things are going really well for us here! We had a really cool experience this last week, we got to work in a booth at the Crofton Craft Fair, it was fun, and pretty much all we did was just go around and help people set up and take down their canopy tents, and we were in our shirts and ties so I think it really helped people see that we are just here to help, and we got to use some sweet leaf blowers to help clean up before hand haha

As far as our investigators go, the young lady we've been teaching is doing really good, she is still planning on being baptized on May 14th!!! We just have to make sure that she is ready by then, so Elder Vakalahi and I will be meeting with her pretty frequently. The couple we've been teaching are doing good, they don't have a scheduled baptismal date as of right now, but we are planning on giving them a new one sometime this week! And we also have another investigator who he is really cool and we had a good visit with him this last week as well, so hopefully he will be coming to church this Sunday, and then we will set a baptismal date for him! And our Recent Convert from Florida is still doing well, so that is good news!!

Other than that, Elder Vakalahi and I went fishing today haha we got some good pictures! And I wish I could send you guys videos, but there is a really funny video too. As for Mother's Day calls, we are actually going to be calling sometime in the evening, around 5 or 6 your time 7 or 8 here, looking forward to that!!!

That's about it for this week!! Talk to you guys Sunday!!!

- Elder Schaap

Pics 1 & 2 - From fishing today!
Pics 3 & 4 - Cleaning up for the Craft Fair

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