Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just Spreading the Good News

It was awesome to talk to you guys on Sunday!!! So good to hear all of your voices! You guys definitely still have the same sense of humor too haha. Well unfortunately I have to be a little shorter this week, I don't have much time, but I pretty much gave you the whole update on the phone. We were able to go and meet with our cute young lady that we've been teaching again on Monday, and it went really well, we pushed her baptismal date to the 21st just because we didn't feel like she would be ready by this Saturday, but she will be by next Saturday!! She is doing good, and she now has a copy of the Book of Mormon in Cebuano, so she is reading that and liking it! We also have a new investigator, he is actually the step-son of one of our other investigators, I told you guys that he doesn't always hold his appointments, and when he isn't there, the step-son usually has been, so we decided to ask him if he would be interested in learning more about the gospel. So that was really cool, and we are meeting with him again later this week!

Well, that's about all I got for ya this week! Love you tons! and talk to ya next week!!

- Elder Schaap

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