Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hello Family!!!

So I forgot to tell you that P-day is on Tuesday this week because of the baseball game.... my bad! But things are going good here, the young lady we're teaching is still scheduled to be baptized this Sunday! So that will be really exciting!! We are doing all that we can to get her prepared for that day, we still have a little bit to do, but she will be ready!

As for our other investigators, the family we're teaching, we actually haven't been able to come in contact with them for about a week and a half now... we don't really know why, but we keep talking to members of their family, and they seem interested, so we will see what comes out of that! We had a really cool lesson this Sunday with another young man, and also a new guy that we just started teaching. He is a friend of a member in our ward, and has actually been at church the past two Sundays, but we hadn't had an oppurtuninty to teach him until this past Sunday, he is very cool and likes what he has seen of the church so far! He also wants to go to the "Why I Believe" Fireside this coming Sunday too!

Well, that is about all I have for you this week,I Love you guys!! And Sorry again for not reminding you about P-Day switching!! LOVE YOU!

- Elder Schaap

Note from Marcie: The whole mission gets to go to a Nationals MLB game, but it appears that the Nationals game was cancelled for "threat of rain" today, so they'll get to go on a different day.

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