Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Hello Family!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! It has been a good day so far, we went to the temple this morning, and all the missionaries who are going home this transfer had a meeting with the temple presidency, which was super cool!

This week has been a good for us! I did something this week that I haven't ever done before on my mission, and it was pretty sweet! We did chalk drawings on a bridge over the main road where a lot of people walk. We drew (or attempted to draw) the plan of salvation, and answered people questions that they had about it. And it was actually pretty fun, I was surprised at how many people were asking us questions! It was really good, and I had the opportunity to teach this lady who prayed that morning that she would find something to help put her life back on the right track, and it turns out she did! It was really cool! I think she was talking with us for about an hour and a half, and she felt like it was an answer to her prayers! She told us that she wants to come to church, and make changes in her life!

We also had a good meeting with one of our investigators whom we have been working with for a while, and Elder Gumbi and I decided that we weren't really making a whole lot of progress with her, and she hadn't been reading out of the Book of Mormon, so we watched an Elder Holland talk on the Book of Mormon, and talked about how it really will change your life, but you have to read it and apply it in order for it to do so! I feel like we were able to get somewhere with her, and strengthen her desire to find the truth!

We also had a cool experience at church on Sunday! Some of the Summer sales people that are here selling pest control for the summer brought someone to church with them, and we taught him right after church!  He is from Maryland, lived here all his life. He has been searching for some direction in his life for a while now, so hopefully he will find it in the gospel!

That's about all the updates I have for you this week though! It is weird how fast time is going now! But I am doing the best I can to make the most of the time I have! I Love you guys! Have a great week! Oh, and by the way, I will be emailing on Tuesday next week, because the public libraries are going to be closed because of the 4th of July! Love you guys!
- Elder Schaap

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