Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New referrals

Well, you wouldn't believe, I actually wrote you a good email right before this, and then come to find out when I tried to send it, something went wrong, and it didn't save, and it lost the whole thing!

Other than that though, things have been going great! It is alwasy so good to hear from everyone! Elder Gumbi and I have been doing really well, we had a really cool experience the other day, as we were teaching one of our investigators.  As we were talking with her, one of her friends showed up to come visit her, and we kept trying to get him to come in and listen, but he said he didn't want to, but later in the meeting, she had to take care of something really quick, and so she told him to come and talk with us while she was gone. It turns out that he doesn't really have any direction in life right now, and is just kind of living in the moment with out any real thoughts of what the future holds for him.

Which was interesting, because Elder Gumbi and I both felt as though we had been in the same situation at one point in our lives before. So we talked with him about God's love for us, and how he has given us the Gospel as a compass to guide our life, and things like that. When he first started talking with us, he told us that he didn't really believe in God, or anything, he was just kind of going with the wind. By the end though, I could sense that he felt there was more to life than just playing it by ear. The funny part about the whole thing is that I don't even know if we will ever see him again, hopefully we will, but even if we don't, it was a good feeling to know that I was able to have a positive impact on his life, and hopefully someday he will find the gospel!

Unfortunately I don't really have a whole lot else to report for our other investigators.  Our investigator who had committed to baptism has kind of dissappeared... the last time we talked with him he said he was really busy with his new job, and that he would call us, and that was like a week and a half ago or so.

But we are starting to get some referrals from other missionaries! Which is really exciting because we didn't get any my first 5 or so weeks here! So hopefully we will be able to start teaching some of them soon!

Anyways, Love you guys! Thanks so much for all that you do! Have a great week!

- Elder Schaap

Pic #1 - Elder Gumbi, Alex Boye, and me!

Pic #2 - Elder Gumbi and I with our Duct tape ties haha

Pic #3 - For FHE on Monday, we did a photo scavenger hunt on U of M campus,haha it was pretty fun, one of the things we had to do was to take a picture with someone sitting on a bench

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