Tuesday, December 20, 2011


First things first, Elder Salanoa and I will be staying here together for another 6 weeks in Montgomery Village! I am really excited, we have a lot of good things going for us right now, and hopefully we will start to find more and more people!

We were able to teach the young father we've been working with again this week! And it went really well! He is really starting to understand the gospel better, and apply it to his life. We set a goal for him for baptism on the 29th of January! He has been reading the Book of Mormon, he didn't make it to church this week, but I feel like he knows that this is something that is going to help him in his life, and bless the lives of his family members.

We also met with the young lady that we've been teaching again this past week, and we will be meeting with her again tonight! Hopefully we will be going to the Festival of Lights at the Temple with them sometime this week as well. She is planning on being baptized on the 8th of January. So January should be a really good month for us!

Well, that is sweet that you guys hang out with the Postmas! Because I am totally hanging out with them when I get back! Tell them thanks for the Christmas card! I can't believe that it is almost Christmas again.... crazy, it feels like last Christmas wasn't that long ago!

Anyways, I am PUMPED to talk to you guys on Sunday! I don't know the exact time or anything yet, but they told us that we could text home to figure all that stuff out, so be expecting that sometime before Sunday!

I Love you guys! Thanks for all that you do! Can't wait to hear your voices on Sunday!! Talk to you soon!

- Elder Schaap

Pic 1 - We are the body guards haha

Pic 2 - 3 Generations!

Pic 3 - Every last District Meeting of the transfer we play a game. This one is called "Planner Check," You hold your planner on the back of your hand, and a rolled up magazine in the other, and try and hit others planners off of their hands while trying to keep yours on your hand. Its pretty fun!

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