Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Service to Others


How is everyone? It sounds like the weather is starting to cool down over there! I kind of wish that it would over here! I don't know for sure, but I think it has been if not in the 60's then close to it. I want to have snow! Soon enough I guess.

Anyways, things are going well. We are having a rough time finding people that are interested in the gospel though, it is not from a lack of effort, it just seems like no one really wants to hear us out. Everyone seems to get really busy around the holidays, and I guess they don't have time for us or something. It won't stop us from trying however, hopefully we will be able to find some people that are willing to listen to us.

As for our 10 year old little girl and her mom that we are teaching, they are doing really well. We met with them again last night, and I was amazed at how much the little girl is able to understand. I think back to when I was 10 years old, and I don't think that I understood nearly as much as she does. It has been really cool to see the transformation that has occurred in her mom, and how teaching her daughter has helped her to strengthen her own testimony.

Unfortunately that is about all of the progress that we were able to make with our investigators, but like I have said before, we have been starting to work with our members more. On Monday, we were able to have a cool experience with one of the families in our ward. We did service for them in the morning by helping them clean their back yard up, because the husband just recently had knee surgery, and isn't able to do much physical labor. And then that evening we went over to their house for dinner, and we taught an FHE lesson on Christmas and giving to others.

I guess before I was a missionary, I thought of missionary work as knocking on doors, and teaching people who were not members of our church about our church. I never really thought that I would be teaching people who are already members, but it has been pretty amazing to me to see how missionaries can have an impact on individuals, families, or even an entire ward by teaching them.

Well I love you guys! Thanks for the emails! And for the package! Hope you have a great week! Can't wait to talk to you! Love you!

- Elder Schaap

Pics from the Festival of the Lights

Pics from the Thanksgiving Feast of Sharing that the Mission helped with (These are on the mission blog at Thanks Sister Matsumori!). Elder Schaap was in the early crew that helped to prepare the meal. They carved 350 turkeys and cut about 900 pies. The later crew served the meal. Approx. 4,000 people were served that day.

Pics from the CDM (combined district meeting) for Seneca Zone (Sister Matsumori again)

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