Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mo-Ville and Conference

...So we have a ping-pong table in our appartment, and we decided to take some action pics, and I tried to make some good faces! Haha enjoy!

Hello Everyone!

Well things have been going like crazy here in the Montgomery Village (we call it Mo-Ville for short) ward, it is A LOT different than Bowie, there are spanish and french missionaries that cover the same area that we do, and I have roommates, so we are around a lot of missionaries all the time where as in Bowie, it was pretty much just me and my companion for the most part. And I am really sore from riding my bike so much... guess I need to get back into shape! Things are really good though, we had a sweet experience happen this last week, we found a less-active member that has recently moved from California, and her records aren't even in the ward yet, but we were able to have dinner with her and her daughter on Monday, and it turns out that they are having sort of a tough time in life right now, but they want to get back to church, and the daughter has not been baptized yet, so hopefully we will be able to reactivate the mom as well as have the daughter be baptized.

I was able to meet quite a bit of the members, even though this week was general conference, but I can already tell that this ward is awesome, and they want to do missionary work. Speaking of conference, I thought it was amazing! As usual! Some of my favorite talks were both of Uchtdorf's (naturally...) he always seems to have a way of putting things so that it makes sense to me, Elder Christoffersen's talk about repentance, and all of the missionary talks as well. Unfortunately we weren't able to have any investigators at conference though. And sorry, I don't have my notes on me right now, or else I would go into more depth, but I took a bunch of notes!

Elder Pound and I are doing good, even though he sometimes has no mercy on the bikes for me haha, so things are going great, and we work really well together. It is kind of nice... ok, it is really nice to not have to worry about teaching my companion how to do missionary work, not that I have ever really had to do that, but it is cool, because we can just hit the ground running rather than having to get everything in order beforehand. But all is well here in Mo-Ville, and it should be a fun transfer! I hope you guys are doing good! It is so weird to see you guys and Austin in the same picture.... yikes! Hope everything is going good though! And thanks for the shoes, they came yesterday! Love you!

- Elder Schaap

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