Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Teaching in Mo-Ville

Hi Everyone!

It seems like time keeps going faster and faster, and I feel like I don't even remember what has happened in the last week! Anyways, we were able to meet with the less-active member from California and her daughter again yesterday, and they came to church on Sunday as well! And we invited them to come to "Why I Believe" with us this Sunday, so it should be great! They are pretty much our main focus right now, and hopefully we will be meeting with them a more frequently.

Other than them, we haven't been able to have a whole lot of teaching opportunities, and not too many people are interested in what we have to share with them. We did have a cool experience though at one of our members' homes, they invited us over for lunch on Monday, but they didn't tell us that they were planning on having a non-member there for an FHE lesson afterward, it was really cool too because it was about half in Spanish, and half in English, there was another member there who served his mission in Mexico, and he taught the lesson on missionary work of all things! It was great!

We have an appointment with an investigator tonight, who I have only met once, and apparently they had been teaching him for a few weeks before I got here, but it should be good, and we have a member coming with us as well!

I love you guys, and I hope that everything is going well, thanks for all that you guys do! You are the best! Have a good week! Love you!

- Elder Schaap

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