Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hello Montgomery Village!


Well I hate to say, but my time in Bowie has come to an end (for now)! It was really hard to say goodbye to the people there, I think that is why people don't usually stay in an area that long, because you get too attached to the people there. Anyways, I am excited to meet new people, and to work with a new companion! I am now in the Montgomery Village ward, and my new companion is Elder Pound, he has been out just one transfer less than I have, and it seems like there is a lot of good things happening in this ward. I am going to be on a bike, and apparently this is the biggest bike area in our mission... so I will be able to get rid of some of the weight that I got in Bowie haha this first week will probably be a little difficult, it will be good though.

We had a cool experience last night, the last few days were crazy because I wanted to say goodbye to a bunch of families in the ward, and people that I had worked with, and we didn't know how we were going to see all these people with the amount of time that we had. Anyways we got a call from a member telling us that she had been talking with her neighbor who had been having a lot of health problems recently, and wanted us to give her a blessing. We were able to go over there, and it was a very cool experience, and even though I won't be able to continue working with her, we were able to set up another visit with her on Friday. She definitely felt something, and she told us that her faith had been struggling lately. Hopefully she will be able to remember how she felt as she received her blessing.

Unfortunately that is about all I have to report this week, hopefully we will have some people at general conference this weekend! And I will have some sweet stories to tell you!! Love you guys! Thanks so much for all that you do for me!!! Have a good week!

- Elder Schaap

P.S. Tell Uncle Rick, Happy Birthday for me!!!
and tell Austin hi as well! I can't believe he is coming home already!!! And tell him that I got his letter and will write back soon!
Love you guys!

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