Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall Sports Day

Man, it sounds like you guys had an awesome week! Glad to hear that everything went well with LOTOJA! That is awesome!

This week was pretty good for us too! Our ward is trying to implement what is called the "Perry Plan" which I could go into a bunch of detail about, but basically it is a way for the full-time missionaries to be more involved in the reactivation process of less-active members, and it is just getting started, but we are already seeing good things come from it, I will let you know how that goes over the next few weeks.

As for our investigators, they are all doing very well, we had a few meetings with one sister, and she is very excited to go to the "Why I Believe" fireside with us this Sunday! And hopefully she will be coming to church too, because I just found out yesterday that I will be speaking in Sacrament meeting this Sunday as well! I will be talking about how to prepare to receive the Priesthood, and to serve a mission. So should be good! And hopefully I will be able to convince our investigators to come to church by telling them that I will be speaking! Haha!

Yesterday we met with another sister, and she actually read her Book of Mormon!!! And not only that, she actually comprehended everything, and had questions for us! Still not sure why it has taken over 3 months to get to that point, but I am just happy that she has actually started to not only read, but she has had at least a little taste of some of the blessings that the gospel has to offer, hopefully she continues to do so!

Today was Fall Sports Day... weird to think it has been a whole year since the last one! It was fun though, to be able to see some of the friends that I have made out here, although, I think I am going to be pretty sore tomorrow haha oh well, it was worth it.

Well, it was good to hear from you guys, sorry I missed the "Juanito Bandito" haha sounds like I would probably enjoy it a lot though! And yes I did get the letter from the primary, today actually!! Always good to get stuff like that!

Love you guys! Hope you have a good week!

- Elder Schaap

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