Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Many Investigators...and Ice Skating Too!

Another week already! Crazy... Well where to start? The confirmation of our new 10-yr-old convert was on Sunday, and it went great! I don't remember if I have said this before or not, but it has been awesome to see the change that the gospel has made in that family! It is hard to even describe, but they have come a long way, and they are continuing to do better.

There was a "Why I Believe" fireside at the VC this last Sunday, and we were able to go with another investigator, she really enjoyed it, and is still doing great! We taught her about the Plan of Salvation last Thursday, and we will be going over again tomorrow for another lesson. It has been really strange, because she is the first person that I have taught that has not had any concerns... hopefully it stays that way!

We weren't able to meet with the young man we've been teaching this last week either... it looks like we are going to have to postpone his baptism for now at least. He is still very interested, and in fact, he met with our Bishop on Sunday for over an hour! And it went really well, he had a good experience! Hopefully we will be able to meet with him sometime this week.

We didn't really have a formal lesson with the young lady that just moved into our ward this week either, we stopped by a few times, but it is just hard because she is still trying to finish moving everything from her old house to her new one, hopefully soon though things will settle down.

Other than that, the weather here is still very mild, maybe getting down into the 40's on a cold day... it is weird! Is it the same for you guys? I keep telling Elder Salanoa to prepare for the cold, and then it keeps getting warmer, I don't know what's going on! Things are going well though, we have a zone activity today, that is why I am writing so early, but we are going ice skating haha I think it has been 10 years or so since I have been ice skating so it should be fun/interesting. Maybe I will take some videos for you!

Love you guys! Have a good week!

- Elder Schaap

Pic - Elder Salanoa gave me a Lava Lava! Sweet!!

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