Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year! Baptism this Sunday!

Wow, where to begin this week. I guess I will start with how we celebrated our New Year's since everyone seems to be dying to know what missionaries do on New Year's Eve haha. You are probably going to be disappointed, because we didn't really do anything fun. We were in our apartment around 7, and I went to bed somewhere around 11, and that was about it haha.

Moving on, we had an awesome experience at church on Sunday, two different people showed up just randomly... how crazy is that? One of them was a young man, who we met with on Monday, and found out that he is very interested in joining the church and changing his life for the better, we set a goal with him to be baptized on Feb 5th! So we are really excited about him. And the other one was a young lady, who we haven't met with yet, but we will be tomorrow!

As for the people that we have been working with for a while, our cute litte 10 yr old investigator is getting baptized this coming Sunday! And they asked me to baptize her! So that will be really cool, we have been going crazy trying to figure out all of the logistics for the program and all the things that go along with planning a baptism, but so far things are going well!

And then our other investigator who is a young father, we didn't get a chance to meet with him last week, but he came to church on Sunday, and set up an appointment with us! So things are going really well, probably the best that they have ever been since I have been in this ward! And we are staying busy!

Well I got the package! Thanks! But those were the shoes that I was talking about that we bought right before I left... they have like foam soles, and they aren't very durable, they are comfortable and light, but I am going to save them for after my mission. Hold off on the shoes though for a bit, there is a family out here that is helping me, and if we can't find anything, then I will tell you guys. Sorry, I probably didn't give a very good description... Anyways, thank you for everything! I hope you guys have a great week! Love you!!!

- Elder Schaap

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