Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mission Highs and Lows

Hello Everyone!

So good to hear from all of you! Things here are going pretty good, I can't believe that next week is transfers... crazy how fast time goes.

This week was a little rough to be honest, we had a lot of appointments, that we had members scheduled to go to with us, that fell through, and when that happens, there isn't a whole lot we can do. We have some things set up for the rest of this week, and Sunday is Stake Conference for us, and I believe it is Elder Cardon (I think) that is coming, and he is having a special meeting for Investigators and Recent Converts, so we are trying to get a few people to that, which should be sweet!

It was cool to have our sister investigators come to both the Trunk-or-Treat, and the Halloween party this last week! I think that they are really starting to get back into the whole church thing which is really good to see. I think that they are understanding more and more what the gospel is all about, and how it is here to bless our lives. We are meeting with them on Thursday, and hopefully we are going to get members to have them over for FHE's and stuff like that once a week!

Not really any other notable news unfortunately, we have been working hard this past week, we just were dealt some bad cards I guess, this next week should be much better though! Sorry for being so short this week! Love you guys! Looking forward to the package!

- Elder Schaap

Pic 1 - The first snow (Oct 29)

Pics 2 & 3 - We went to the driving range today, it was sweet! I gotta say, for the first time swinging a club in like 16 months, I did pretty well too...

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