Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!


How is everyone? I would bet that you guys are already starting to cook for Thanksgiving! Eat some stuffing for me! We have been doing good though. It has been raining more and more the past few weeks, and I think that soon it will start to snow pretty consistently, which ought to be interesting because our area is huge! And my bike doesn't do too well in the snow... no worries though we will figure something out.

We had some cool experiences this week. President and Sister Matsumori spoke in our ward this week, on missionary work obviously, and it was really neat to see how the ward reacted to their talks. During Priesthood opening exercises, we told the ward that we wanted to start teaching lessons in FHE to families in the ward, and asked if anyone would be interested. Right after we had asked, two people got up and told everyone of the great experiences that they had had with the elders in their home, and then probably about 20 people rose their hands and said that they would like us to come over! So we actually had our first one on Monday night with the Bishop and his family! And it went great!

As for our plans for Thanksgiving, we are going to be going over to one of the members' home and spending most of the day with them. It should be really good, and she is a pretty good cook too! There are a few other members that we will be going to see throughout the day as well, so it should be fun! Oh... and instead of a turkey bowl, we are playing soccer with one of our less active members, and a bunch of his friends!

Well, I hope you guys have fun with Thanksgiving! Take lots of pictures! And I will too! By the way... I am totally entering the pie competition next year! Love you guys!!!

- Elder Schaap

P.S. My speakers broke this last week :( there was a short in one of the wires, I am going to try to look for some new ones, but if you guys could see if they still have them at the Simply Mac store, and find out how much they are that would be great! Thanks!

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