Thursday, June 30, 2011

Great investigators, Birthday and Peach Cobbler

A great member and Elder Kennedy and I at the Visitor's Center!

Texas Roadhouse for my Birthday!!!!

Baseball game!!!

More great members and the Birthday cake that they made me (with a few typos hahaha but its the thought that counted!)

I made Peach Cobbler a couple weeks ago!!!

Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes!! I am not going to say it was the best birthday ever, because I wasn't with you guys! But it was still pretty good! One of the members here took us out to Texas Roadhouse! It was amazing! And there was another member that made a cake for me! So it was really good!

But things here are continuing to go well for us, we are still mainly working with the young man and young lady we've been teaching. She came to church again this past week! And she enjoyed it, she also offered to feed us in a few days! We were able to introduce her to a few of the members of the ward as well, so things are moving right along with her, and we are getting ready for July the 24th! Hopefully I am still in the area, transfers are this next week, so we will see! And then with the young man, we were able to meet with him last night, he is awesome! I keep getting worried that he doesn't understand what we are teaching him, but when we go back and ask him about it he remembers pretty much everything, still no date set with him though... trying to figure out the whole situation with his mom, but no worries, it will all work out!

Well sorry I don't have a whole lot to say this week, but it sounds like you guys had a really good week! And I hope that everything works out for you guys with the appartment, and sorting out all your wedding stuff haha! Love you guys!!! And thanks again for all the Birthday wishes!

- Elder Schaap

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