Friday, June 24, 2011

Baseball and Baptism Dates! June 23, 2011

Wow, what a week!! I think the Lord wanted to keep me busy this last week so that I wasn't thinking about how I was missing the wedding!

It has been really good though! We actually have two investigators that are scheduled to be baptized!!! One of them is 9 years old, and his father is a recently returning member that was baptized in 1995 and just barely started coming back about 5 or 6 months ago and is on fire!! There is just a minor hold-up, his mother is not a member and even though she won't say it, I think she doesn't like the idea of us coming over there too often, and the fact that her husband is spending more time doing things involved with the church may not be helping either. He is awesome though, and we are going to be trying to meet with him at least a few times a week!

The other lady that is scheduled to be baptized is a surper cool lady that apparently worked with the missionaries about 14 years ago she said. Her recent interest was sparked when she asked her pastor if he believed that there could be a prophet today and he told her no, so she hasn't been back since! We met her on Thursday, and we had a really good lesson with her, and then she came to church on Sunday! Which was Stake Conference by the way, so it wasn't a usual service, but she said she liked it! Elder Allan Packer (son of President Boyd K. Packer) came out here for stake conference, and it was really sweet! He and his wife spoke on Saturday Night, Sunday at stake conference, and then Sunday night at the Visitor's Center for the "Why I Believe," it was awesome!

We also had a pretty cool opportunity this last week, I have told you about the push that our ward has had lately on missionary work, and so the Relief Society decided that it would be the subject of their activity this month, and they invited us to it just so they could have kind of a Q&A with us. It was interesting some of the questions that they asked us, such as, "So if we have you over to our home with some friends, are you going to commit them to be baptized on the first visit?" Just some concerns like that, I guess I just never thought about things like that, but it was good to be able to tell them that we are not going to push their friends into anything that they don't want us to, haha we didn't say that we wouldn't invite them to be baptized on the first visit, but we told them that we wouldn't push it if it wasn't there.

Well, I am really sorry, but I don't have my card reader to send you pictures this week! Which is a bummer, because I actually took quite a few pictures this last week, but that just means that you guys will get double the pics next week! I am glad to hear that everything went well with the wedding!!! Sorry I couldn't be there! But I love you guys!! And I promise to send more pics next week! LOVE YOU!

- Elder Schaap

P.S. The [Nationals v Mariners] baseball game was good, actually it was a little boring haha but it was more fun just to see everyone! [Nationals won 1-0 in the bottom of the 9th.]

P.P.S. Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a good one!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

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