Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Baptismal Date and Audrey's Talk on Temples

Hello Family!

How is everyone?? Good I hope! Things here have been going pretty well for us! We had the oppurtunity to have one of the assistants with us on Friday last week and it went pretty well.

We have a new baptismal date for the family we've been teaching, I don't know if I have mentioned them before or not, we have kind of been working on and off with them for most of my time here, and they have actually been working on and off with missionaries for about 3 years now, but hopefully everything works out, their baptismal date is on March 27th, so just under two weeks from now! Other than that we have mostly been working on finding new people to teach, because a lot of the people we were formerly working with aren't willing to move forward with us.

As for the other couple we've been teaching, we had a pretty good lesson with them and the Postma's yesterday, we talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and church, and they told us that they would come to church this week! So that will be good! We actually met with another family yesterday as well with the Postma's, and we are actually seeing some progress in them too! So things are looking up!!

Another crazy experience that happened this week haha, so we were planning on going to visit with our cute new recent convert on Friday, and she calls us that day and tells us that one of the members of the bishopric had asked her to speak in church (3/13) and get this, the subject was Temples! She hasn't even been inside of the Temple before!! Ha we were all very surprised when we heard about that, so she wanted to meet us at the Visitor's Center and talk with us to get some ideas for her talk. We were a little nervous, but when she spoke, she talked about her journey to the temple, and how in 11 months, it will be her turn. She also talked about an experience she had many years ago when she was driving on the Beltway during the early morning, and when she came around the corner and saw the temple it just made her feel at peace, so it turned out great!

We had a combined Zone activity today haha and it was a Flour Bomb war.... pretty fun, I took a few pictures for you even!! I love you guys!!!! And I sent you a little letter this week, so be looking for it!!

- Elder Schaap

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