Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Church and Basketball

Hello Fam!

Sorry for being so late today! Things here in the new area are going great though! Sometimes it is scary how much mine and Elder Lott's senses of humor are alike... hahaha it has been really fun, and we have been working hard!

I figured out this week that there wasn't as much stuff going on in our area as I thought there was, but we are doing all we can to change that! We met with two young men on Thursday last week, which went really well, we taught them about the Sabbath Day and church and all that good stuff, but unfortunately they still didn't make it out to church on Sunday. It is interesting, the ward has a basketball team, and apparently it is really popular, so much that they have an A and a B team just for our ward. Apparently a lot of non-members have played in the past, but this year our bishop said that you can only play if you come to church, and one of these investigators really likes basketball, so he figured he would come to church, and eventually started liking it, and wanted to meet with the missionaries! And since then, we have started to teach his friend as well!

Other than that though, we don't have a whole lot of people that we are working with, so we are trying to get the ward more involved, as well as find people ourselves! We are still in the process of trying to get things organized though, as well as clean up. Hopefully we can get through all of that soon though, and start finding lots of people that are ready to hear the gospel!

Anyways, thanks for all your emails this week. You guys are too funny about the whole Juanito Bandito thing... you will have to show me! Love you guys! Have a good week!

- Elder Schaap

P.S. We went to the Museum of Natural History today, and I took some pics for ya!

Also a picture from our last district meeting last transfer.

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