Monday, August 2, 2010

Off to DC!

Rob and Cousin Jess at MTC

Rob and Sean at MTC

DC and Atlanta Elders leaving on 8/3

Rob and Bro. Tanner, his MTC teacher

Rob's MTC Zone

Hey everyone! It is so weird to be in the middle of my last day here at the MTC, I feel like I just got here! But it has been good, and I am ready to finally get to this wonderful D.C. that I have been hearing so much about. Well thanks for the packages this week!!! Everyone was jealous of my Dr. Peppers! ha! Also thanks for my pillow and sheets. Yesterday was fast Sunday... longest day of my life!! I almost didn't eat for 24 hours, from 6:45 pm - 4:30 pm the next day! Yikes!! Mom I hope your trip was fun to vegas and all!! By the way, I am sorry if I don't get to all the questions you asked me, but I am limited on time, its ok though, after this week I won't be. As far as my travel Itinerary, no families at the airport, but I leave from SLC at 12:50 AM and get to Atlanta, GA at 6:22 local time, or 4:22 Utah time, we have a 1 hour layover in Georgia, and then we fly to Washington Dulles Airport and get their at 9:10 AM local time, 7:10 Utah time I know I can call from SLC airport, and I would assume that I can call from DC when I get there, but I don't know yet, if not I am sure they will let us email or something just to tell you we got their safely. One last thing, Dani you didn't think I forgot did you??? How the freak was your phone call?!?! I got a sweet letter from BB this week, he gave me some pretty good advice, tell him to give me his address so I can write him back! But seriously Dani, tell me all about it, did you take a picture when you got the call?? haha I bet your face was soooo funny! I wish I could have been there!

Well like I said before, I am freaking out a little bit about actually getting to D.C., I feel like there is tons of pressure on me, but I am sure I will have a good trainer that will show me how it's done. Besides, they don't make bad missionary trainers right? I guess I will find out! It is going to be weird not being with my district 24/7 though, in my district 6 of us are going to D.C. and 4 are going to Georgia Atlanta North, and we don't even fly together, how dumb is that?! No worries though, we will all keep in touch, and afterwards I am sure we will have reunions and things like that. Well keep me up to date on how things are at home! I love hearing everything about it! But time is running short on the computer, so I will talk to you tonight probably around 11:00 or 11:30!!!
- Elder Schaap

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