Monday, July 19, 2010


Heyyyyyy everyone!! The MTC has been good so far!! I have had tons of crazy experiences, my district started teaching acting "investigators" on Thursday! Pretty crazy!! I love my district and my zone, my companion is Elder Fowles, he is from Portland Oregon and we work really well together. The food here is alright, but you get as much as you want, so it all works out haha.

I figured out that I am only going to have this P-day, and the next one in the MTC, because we leave the following Monday, August 2nd! I can't wait to get out there!!! By the way, thanks so much for the package!!!! Homemade Oreo's are the best!!! It is so cool getting packages and letters from anyone, but when my DL tells me I have mail, it just gives me the motivation I need to make it through the day. I can only write letters and emails on P-day, but I can read them every night, just FYI.

Well life here at the MTC is definitely crazy, it is weird having my whole day planned out for me down to the minute, but it feels good to be doing something, and being productive all day. As for waking up at 6:30, its not too bad, the first couple of nights I didn't sleep very well, the beds aren't the greatest here, but I am getting more and more used to them. They have some pretty crazy traditions here, I will write a letter telling you more about those haha they are pretty funny. Sunday at the MTC is really really weird, because the only thing that is different about Sunday than any other day pretty much is Sacrament meeting, and you have you wear your jacket all day.... SO HOT!!!! I was pretty much sweating all day, not so fun. But, my teachers are all amazing, my Branch President is actually in Dean's Stake! My class room is on the top floor of my building, and no elevator... and we climb those stairs like 10-15 times a day, its all good though, it keeps that MTC weight off haha

Well I love you guys!!! I miss you! It feels like I have been gone forever already! But sometimes it goes fast because we are so busy! Keep using, thats the best way to write me! And tell Melissa Larson thanks for all the advice!! Talk to you guys next week!!!!

- Elder Schaap

P.S. 4 Square Rocks, and I totally smelled the Pink Starburst tree!!!

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