Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sup Cuz!

Robbie, Jordan, and Sam.

3 cousins, same age. In our family cousins only come in 3's.Rob and Jord's birthdays are 10 days apart and since they were born they have been measured back to back every single time they get together. Rob I think has finally topped out and won the height battle, but Jordan will forever be able to beat him up. It all evens out.
But now these three strapping young men have decided to serve missions. Elder Sam Egbert was called to Argentina and left in January 2010.

Elder Jordan Egbert (or Erder as his siblings call him) has been in the MTC for a few weeks and will be serving in New York, NY South mission-Cantonese speaking.

And finally, Elder Robbie will be serving in our nation's capital close to Jord in the East.

Our Family Loves our missionaries! Good Luck Boys-We Love you!

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